The Future of Marketing & Me

This month, I started a new role with Nielsen IAG as Global EVP/GM for the Consumer Packaged Goods sector. IAG measures program and marketing engagement across the 3 screens (TV, Web, Mobile) in real time to help Marketers optimize their Marketing effectiveness and business impact. This role affords me the unique opportunity to sit at the forefront of the revolution that’s washing over the Marketing landscape, by working with CMO’s of major CPG companies to understand what Marketing really works and what doesn’t in TV, web, in-program product placement and cross-media in this new, complex and highly challenging world.

The Nielsen Company

The Nielsen Company

A sampling of the topics I’ll be focused on include:

  • Media Selection – How does selecting the right TV programs improve ad recall?
  • Ad Optimization – What is the optimal creative unit mix, copy length, wear-out, and rotation?
  • Program Environment– To what extent does the program environment drive ad effectiveness?
  • In Program Product Placement – How should Marketers evaluate product placement?
  • Cross Media Performance – What are the cross-media effects of ads?
  • Digital  & Social Media – How does advertising work in new media and in interaction with TV?
  • Real Time Impact – How do Marketers monitor ad performance in real time and adjust on the fly?

Blog Themes — Transformation & Impact

If you’re read any of my blog posts over the past few months, you’ve probably recognized at least two major themes:

  • The Transformed Marketing Landscape — We’re living through a transformational period in Marketing, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the rise of TV and mass marketing. This change is driven by the fragmentation of media, increasing digitization of marketing, rise of social media, increasing importance of word of mouth from our social networks, and measurement tool innovation, among others. In short, Marketing has become a real-time, highly complex, more measurable, and conversational endeavor.
  • The Need to Demonstrate Real Marketing Impact — Marketing should build brand image, increase customer satisfaction, and deliver improved top and bottom line business results. Marketers were already challenged to show real value for their spending before the changes outlined above; their ability to deliver results in this environment is even more challenging. This means that, more than ever before, they need partners who can bring sophisticated measurement and analytical tools to bear on their most pressing challenges and leadership thinking as to what this means for the Marketing function.

The crushing economic crisis of the past 18 months has, in my mind, only accelerated the need for the Marketing function to become more transparent and accountable for real business results. CEO’s, CFO’s and shareholders are demanding it, either directly or indirectly.

How My New Role Impacts This Blog

  1. The CMO Perspective — I’ve written this blog from the point of view of a CMO. This perspective will continue, and in fact, will be enhanced as I meet and work with CMO’s from major CPG companies around the world. These conversations will enable me to bring an insiders view of the major issues and challenges facing Marketing organizations in this changing Marketing landscape, and share these perspectives as appropriate.
  2. The Marketing Effectiveness Perspective — The new role provides a unique vantage point: the ability to look across CPG companies, brands and geographies to understand what works and what doesn’t. I want to have more and deeper insight into what Marketing really drives business results than anyone else in this space.  This will allow me to provide new perspective and insight, while still respecting client confidentiality.

Going Forward

I’ll continue to write about important Marketing topics — both ones which benefit from my Nielsen perspective and those which don’t. This blog won’t be an ad for Nielsen or a thinly disguised vendor white paper. But it will frequently draw on Nielsen data to make what I think are important points about Marketing. And while it should go without saying, it most certainly won’t ever compromise the confidentiality of any client which does business with Nielsen.

Thanks for your support and readership. Keep the comments coming. I look forward to continuing to write about Marketing topics that are at the forefront of the Marketing transformation that is enveloping us and most importantly, how Marketing can build brand equity, customer satisfaction and revenue and profit.

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11 Responses to The Future of Marketing & Me

  1. Jestyn says:

    Many congrats on landing what sounds like a super-interesting new role. Good luck!

  2. Mike Wittenstein says:


  3. Gail Nelson says:

    So glad to hear you have started in your new role! It’s clear Nielsen must have an amazing product set to have attracted you to their senior leadership ranks. I look forward to continuing to learn from your blog.

  4. Good luck in your new role…great things to come, I’m sure.

  5. Nihar Patel says:

    Congratulations on your new role and look forward to continued reading from your blog (and to seeing some Nielsen perspectives as well).

  6. Congratulations on the new gig, Randall. It sounds like a unique opportunity to see marketing from a variety of perspectives and to drive new thought leadership across multiple industries.

    So glad to hear that you will continue writing – and your personal note was a great way to let your readership understand the new context within which you are operating. Good luck!

  7. JimHolbrook says:

    Randall, congrats and definitely keep writing! I’m interested in how you’ll apply your CMO perspective from a new vantage point! Jim

  8. Derrick Daye says:

    Congratulations Randall. A great organization just got better.


  9. Randall, Congratulations! Nielsen IAG is fortunate to have you on their senior leadership team bringing your thought leadership, strategic thinking, team building and thoughtful execution. Your CMO perspective and great partnering will I’m sure, bring great results for all. Looking forward to future blogs. Barbara

  10. […] Randall S. Beard joins Nielsen IAG as Global EVP/GM for Nielsen IAG leaving Head of Global Marketing — Wealth Management at UBS. […]

  11. Kathrin Wolff Schmandt says:

    Congratulations to your new challenge. I will certainly be interested to keep reading your findings and views on Marketing. All the best for the future. Best, Kathrin

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