6 Responses to 3 Questions To Ask About The 3 Screens

  1. Ken G Kabira says:

    This article from Wharton may also interest you, Randall.


    • beardrs says:

      Hi Ken — Very interesting article, Ken, and thanks for reading the blog. Advertising clearly is in need of reinvention and the future models of success remain unclear and elusive, but one thing is clear: consumers will play a much more important role–and not just as passive receivers of monolithic ad messages designed by marketers. Thanks for sharing this interesting article; the more thinking people provide on the reinvention of advertising, the better in my opinion.

  2. Lan Guo says:

    To add to Q2, how can the 3 screens be integrated to amplify the message?

    How do you see the program engagement concept apply to the other screens? One would assume a higher baseline of engagement but involvement could still vary by content.

    • beardrs says:

      Hi Lan — Thanks for reading the blog and commenting on the 3 screen post. There is a lot of evidence that integrated marketing–e.g. delivering the same marketing message across multiple touchpoints simultaneously, delivers better results than the same message across any individual touchpoint. I talked about this in an earlier post: “Venn Marketing-Why 1+1+1 Doesnt Equal 3.” So, your point is a really good one in that Marketers need to understand the combined effect of the 3 screens and how to allocate among them. Measurement tools are just now beginning to appear that answer this question–at least for TV and web. Mobile seems a bit further away. On the engagement question, you should assume based on differences in effectiveness across the 3 screens that there is also different levels of engagement. There’s no one single answer, but generally the early learning suggest that people are more engaged on the web than TV–hence the same ad performs better in a “lean-forward” web environment than a “lean-back” TV landscape.

  3. Lan Guo says:

    Hi Randall, my question is on the relative engagement levels within the medium, i.e. the internet. Is engagement higher on video sites and potentially more conducive to consumer ad recall? Entertainment vs news? One might argue that engagement is less relevant in this ‘lean forward’ environment and creative/content integration is the key to ad recall. But my hunch is that it still varies.

    • beardrs says:

      Hi Lan — Thanks for clarifying the question. I haven’t seen web engagement data yet, so it’s a great question that needs to be answered. On TV, program engagement differs not only by program, but also by genre and even network. So, I would assume that there would also be variation on the web. Separate from program engagement, it does seem clear that the same ad usually works better on the web than TV, all things being equal. Whether this is due, in part, to program environment needs to be determined.

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