4 Responses to Contextual Advertising – Moving Beyond the Web

  1. mark hosbein says:

    Wondering out loud, maybe context is a way to prime the brain to extend recall. If GEICO’s ad comes at 3:15, maybe the consumer already has “15” on the brain, and so encoding the message could be that much easier. The concept of context or endemic advertising is also proven by CTR’s in online. As maligned as that measure is, CTR for auto ads on auto sites is much higher – and evidence suggests the leads are much more qualified. If over time we are all tethered to our devices, the next advancement in context could be based on non media behaviors. For example, if my cell phone GPS can detect I have been at car dealers, and if it was connected to the ad server (and maybe my set top box) I could get ads about cars that evening on my TV. Now that would be context!

    • beardrs says:

      Mark — Thanks for the comment. The advertising context model I referred to in the post hypothesizes that contextual impact is a function of: a) viewer engagement or involvement with the program content; and b) brand message and program content congruence. While I believe these are both important factors, I also think that there are other contextual dimensions which could prove effective, as you point out. For example, some researchers have shown that if a TV program makes you feel sad, ads with “happiness” benefits tend to perform better. The whole area of context is one that we still don’t know a whole lot about and I think we’ve only touched the tip of the proverbial iceberg here–whether its on or offline behavior based. Randall

  2. Abe says:

    Your article is very informative. You have mentioned about Turner’s TV in Context being launched. I have tried to read up more about it, but strangely there is no news about how successful it was and how has its performance been. Would you be having any idea about it?


    • beardrs says:

      Hi Abe — Thanks for reading the blog and taking the time to share your thoughts. I haven’t read anything recently about Turner’s efforts but will report back when I do hear something. Randall

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