2 Responses to What Happens When Your TV Goes Wireless

  1. Jenni says:

    My own experience of 4 months getting TV solely from online sources is that it was fine when I knew what I wanted to watch. But I found it difficult when:

    1. I didn’t know what I wanted to watch – just wanted to relax and switch off – I missed channel surfing.
    2. When I had caught up on a series, then remembering when new episodes were posted. Some, like hulu, were predictable, others, like The CW were not so easy to remember. So yes I went to the CW site more to check when the new Gossip Girl was posted, but I was annoyed when it was not there!

    So I think that TV is not always about content, sometimes it is about just relaxing – and there, online is not the optimal choice.

    • beardrs says:

      Hi Jenni — Thanks for reading (and contributing) to the blog, and great to hear from a TV wireless user. You make a good point: sometime watching TV is just about relaxing and letting it go…DVR data actually shows that consumer don’t fast forward thru all of the commercials. As you note, sometimes people just want to lean back, relax and channel surf–including watching the ads. On the second point, simple and easy to use search will be needed for people to navigate all of the video content on-line. Randall

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