How Your Brand Can Benefit From “Ownership” Media

What do Bose, HSBC and Boeing all have in common? On the surface, not much, but all three brands “own” a slice of media. Not just any media, but a specific media touch point over an extended period of time. Should your brand do the same?


3 Examples of “Ownership” Media

Bose / Parade — If you’ve read the Sunday Parade magazine over the years, you’ve no doubt seen the full page Bose ad on the back inside cover. Bose has “owned” this space for years; if you were reading the magazine, you could almost predict with the turn of the last page that you would find—presto—the Bose ad. 

Bose in Parade -- An Example of Ownership Media

Hong Kong Shanghai Bank / Jet Way — HSBC took a different track, deciding to “own” the jet ways that passengers use to board planes. They started this approach with the original perspectives campaign, which juxtaposed two very different points of view about the same topic or item. More recently, they moved to a new campaign, but what remains the same is their ownership of the jet way. 

HSBC -- "Ownership" Media via Jetways

Boeing / Meet The Press — Boeing found its slice of media ownership in the on-line version of “Meet the Press.” If you miss the show in linear TV as I often do, check out David Gregory on-line, and before you meet the press, you meet the corporate Boeing ad. Different week, different ads, different guest. But the one constant on “Meet the Press” is the Boeing brand. 

"Ownership" Media: "Meet The Press" & Boeing

So, what gives? Does it really make sense for a brand to stake out a media touch point, and single-mindedly “own” it over an extended period of time? And should your brand get into ownership media? 

4 Truths about Ownership Media

For ownership media to work, four things should be true. 

1. The media touch point engages your target. 

The starting point for any media ownership discussion is whether or not your target consumer engages with the touch point. Brands need to focus on media touchpoints with high target group usage. HSBC is going after an upscale, affluent group who flies frequently. Where to find these people? Jet ways. Yes, jet ways are an excellent place for HSBC to be. In fact, I saw their jet way ad just before boarding a plane and writing this post. 

2. The content amplifies your advertising message. 

Marshall McLuhan once famously said, “the medium is the message.” Well, it’s not quite the full message, but we know thru research that content greatly influences the effectiveness of the ad that it sits within. Thus, it’s important to identify media that can positively impact your ads performance, before selecting a given media platform. 

If you’re thinking of TV, make sure to consider how your ad performs by genre, or which shows are most engaging, before choosing an ownership program. Outside of TV, consider using Market Contact Audit or a similar service to identify a compelling touch point for your ownership media. 

3. The equity of the media matches the equity of your brand. 

I’m a big believer in advertising/programming synergy. SlimFast ads are likely to work better in The Biggest Loser than elsewhere. Nike golf ads are likely more effective in PGA events. Cosmetic ads almost certainly break-thru better in Project Runway. 

Ownership media works best when the equity of the media fits tightly with the equity of your brand. Making a commitment to ownership media is no small decision. Make sure that the media you commit to actually helps build your key brand equities. 

4. The media platform is enduring. 

How long has Bose been in Parade? I don’t know for sure, but I know it’s a long time. Nielsen IAG research shows that product placement and brand integrations work better the longer you do them in a show; it’s highly likely that ownership media works in much the same way. 

If you’ve gone to the trouble of identifying a media property that amplifies your message and reinforces the equity of your brand, then really own it—not just once or twice, but for the long-term.

Ownership Media – Is it For Your Brand?

Owning your own slice of the media pie is a smart approach for many brands. Bose, HSBC and Boeing, all very different brands, have all made a similar decision to grab a piece of the media eco-system and own it. 

If you’re thinking of doing the same, just make sure to consider targeting, programming, equity synergy and longevity as key criteria in making this important choice. And then, add ownership media to your portfolio of approaches to building your brand. 

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