Does Your Target Audience Really See Your Digital Ads ?

One of the great promises of digital advertising is precision and measurement. With bits and bytes, we should be able to target our brands ads to consumers with a level of precision that could be only dreamed about in the mass TV medium.

But alas, this is also the great fiction of digital. The reality is quite different–at the most basic and fundamental level, digital advertising leaves a lot to be desired–which was a big part of my keynote address “Measuring and Optimizing Reach and Resonance in Digital Advertising,” at the recent Digiday Brand Summit.

Measuring & Optimizing Reach & Resonance in Digital Advertising

Why the fiction?  Two quick points:

1.  Most digital ads are not delivered to the target demographic group.

2.  Many ads are not even “viewable” — e.g. they are not in screen for at least one second.

This is a problem–a big problem. If ads aren’t delivered to the right audience and they’re often not even viewable, how can they have any impact? This is both a big challenge AND a big opportunity for advertisers.

New technology and tools are beginning to address this conundrum. There is strong evidence, supported by actual advertiser experience, to suggest that advertisers can dramatically improve the effectiveness of their digital advertising.

How much? As much as 50% more–simply by taking advantage of new measurement capabilities to ensure that more ads are actually delivered to the correct target audience and are in view of the consumer.

Click here to see my keynote address or here to see the accompanying presentation on how smart Marketers are taking advantage of this large opportunity.

Digiday Brand Summit Keynote Speech – Randall Beard


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