Premium Content and Ad Effectiveness

Premium Content and Ad Effectiveness

Clear-eyed and insightful view of what defines “premium” video content:

To me, premium content means one of several things:

1) Premium audience — e.g. auto intenders, etc.

2) Premium attentiveness — e.g. viewers pay more attention to both the content and the ads

3) Premium context — e.g. the content provides contextual reinforcement to the ad

All of these forms of “premium” content improve advertising effectiveness. Advertisers and their agencies need to ask what premium means–and be sure that it is truly about premium advertising impact.

One Response to Premium Content and Ad Effectiveness

  1. Tejinder says:

    Premium may also mean customized in some scenarios of B2B where relationship with the customer is key and hence each one is prized and marketing efforts (online/offline) are tailored to their needs.

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