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2 Responses to Contact Randall Beard

  1. Hi Randy,


    With unemployment so high, what is the most critical piece of advice on “self-marketing” (above and beyond a great resume) you would give to an individual searching for a new job?

    I’d like to post your advice on my website with a plug for your blog.

    Thanks – Melinda

    • beardrs says:

      Hi Melinda–Thanks for reading the blog and asking the question. I’d suggest several ways for people to “self-market” themselves when searching for a new job:

      First, you should define what you’re really good at and passionate about and how this can benefit an employer–this is your “brand.” It’s important to be objective and realistic, and not overstate what you’re really capable of.

      Second, you need to determine the kind of role or position you’re interested in. This needs to be a position that is both interesting to you but also a good fit with your skills and experience.

      Then, you need to develop a marketing program that enables you to communicate your “brand’ with companies and recruiters. There are many ways to do this, but I think that LinkedIn is a great platform to communicate your personal brand. With LI, you can share an abbreviated resume, increase credibility with personal recommendations (consistent with your personal brand), make relevant book recommendations, import your blog to demonstrate expertise, provide updates with Twitter, etc.

      In short, you should use every means possible to communicate your personal “brand” with companies and recruiters so that they fully understand who you are, what you do, and how you are different, special and better than other potential candidates for the role you’re interested in.

      Hope this helps.


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