Motley Fool: Advertising Reach is Bigger Than You Think

January 4, 2014

Motley Fool View on Measuring Time Shifted Viewing

Motley Fool View on Measuring Time Shifted Viewing

As advertising moves increasingly across screens, measurement needs to move fast to keep up.

This Motley Fool article takes a look at the time-shifted viewership of TV programs that occur outside the official C3 ratings, and the implications for media companies and advertisers.

Article: Advertising Reach is Bigger Than You Think

Moving forward, there will be two fundamental advertising models–linear and dynamic. In the linear, or traditional, model, one ad is served to many people. This can happen live or thru time shifted viewing. In the dynamic advertising model, one ad is served to a single individual–e.g. each ad is addressable.

Audience measurement of the future will need to take account of both linear and dynamic advertising insertion models and measure both live and on-demand viewership.

If this isn’t tricky enough, think about the implications for ad effectiveness: is an ad that is viewed 2 days later as effective as one delivered live ? Is an addressable ad sufficiently more effective than a less targeted linear ad to justify its price premium ?

The linear vs. dynamic and live vs. on-demand viewing patterns will almost certainly impact not just reach–but advertising performance as well. Measuring and understanding relative ad effectiveness across these dimensions will become even more important in the future.

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How Brands Grow – Blowing Up Marketing Shibboleths

January 3, 2014

How Brands Grow by Dr. Byron Sharp

If you’ve never read it, you should. Dr. Sharp, from the Ehrenberg Institute of Marketing Science, takes aim at many well established marketing beliefs and systematically demonstrates with data that they are often much overblown hype. If you’re a real Marketer, you owe it to yourself to read this book.

I particularly like his concepts of “mental and physical availability” as the most important drivers of brand growth. Advertising’s role is to create greater mental availability, and this is why real world “breakthrough” and memorability are such crucial gatekeeper metrics to advertising success.

I wrote a blog post book review on How Brands Grow some months back, but I recommend you read the book.

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Social Media Explorer Article: 2014 Marketing Measurement Predictions

January 2, 2014

Ad Measurement Trends: Reach, Resonance, Reaction across Platforms

I’m usually sceptical of many of the over-blown predictions coming from the social media space, but this article by Social Media Explorer’s Nichole Kelly gets it just right when it comes to 2014 marketing measurement trends.

  • Creation of company wide measurement standards
  • Cross-channel measurement will be the new standard
  • Multi-touch attribution will improve beyond first touch/last touch models
  • Revenue creation will be the new story

In essence, what she is saying is that the 3R’s of reaching your intended audience, maximizing ad resonance and attitudinal change, and driving sales–across all platforms–are the inexorable measurement trends in 2014.

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Mediapost Article: More 2014 Advertising Predictions

January 1, 2014

More 2014 Advertising Predictions: More Top Funnel Programmatic, Mobile Integration, Privacy Power, TV to Video

Here’s yet more 2014 advertising predictions, this time from Eric Bosco, CEO of Choicestream via Mediapost. Trend highlights:

  • More top of funnel programmatic ad buying
  • Increased integration of mobile
  • The rise of data privacy issues and emerging solutions
  • Video neutral planning and buying as TV and Video blur

I agree with all of these and think that the first one is particularly interesting, with much to learn about how creative, media weight, programming and site content impact top and bottom of funnel metrics differently.

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AdExchanger Article: Attribution Modeling Across the Marketing Funnel

December 31, 2013

Attribution Modeling Needs to Model Upper and Lower Funnel Metrics

An interesting perspective from AdExchanger on how attribution modeling needs to evolve from measuring just lower funnel metrics like clicks and sales to upper funnel brand metrics.


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Article from The Drum: 2014 Advertising Predictions

December 30, 2013

Starting today, I’ll begin sharing my Tweets and LinkedIn posts here in addition to original content. I’ll include articles and videos of interest about advertising, media, technology, neuroscience, analytics, data and the future of marketing.

I’m constantly reading and, while I will continue to write original blog posts once every month or two, I’ll also share the best of what I’m reading.

The common denominator for all of these articles is that they are in one way or another about the future of marketing communications and evidence based advertising and media communications.

Here’s the first. I hope you enjoy some of them as much as I do.

2014 Advertising predictions:  More data, analytics, programmatic, engagement, crossplatform


Machine Reading Advertising Implications

December 11, 2013

Machine reading revolution has advertising and media implications #machinelearning #advertising