About Randall Beard

Effective 2015, I’ve moved all new published content to my LinkedIn page:


Please join me there to see update on various marketing with impact topics.

Randall Beard

Randall Beard

Randall Beard is a leading and award winning Chief Marketing Officer and General Management executive with 25+ years global experience across consumer packaged goods, financial services and high-touch service brands, including The Nielsen Company, Procter & Gamble, American Express, and UBS. He is currently President, Expanded Verticals, at The Nielsen Company.

Randall has worked and built business and teams in virtually every major market in the world, including USA, Canada, China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil.

Randall currently serves on the Advisory Board of CityExplorer TV and Nielsen Catalina Solutions. He is a member of M50, Marketing Executive Networking Group, and the CMO Club. In addition to this blog, Randall contributes periodically to Branding Strategy Insider and MENG Blend, and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events.

The postings on this site are his own and those of guest bloggers and don’t necessarily represent The Nielsen Company’s positions or points of view.

19 Responses to About Randall Beard

  1. Great job Randall! Love the stories! Keep em coming!!!


    • beardrs says:

      Thx, Laura. Am just getting started and have a lot more to go. Appreciate you taking the time to take a look. Randall

  2. Rob Chodock says:

    Just found this via linkedin. Always interested in hearing your thoughts; I continue to learn a lot through you (BTW – bought and am reading Groundswell per your suggestion).

  3. Dan Smolen says:

    I second my good friend, Laura Levitan: Great job, Randall! D

  4. Sylvie Becker says:

    Hello Randall,

    I really like your blog, very informative and current. I also like the examples selected. Can I share it with other people like Joelle?
    Kind regards,


    • beardrs says:

      Hello Sylvie — Absolutely–feel free to share with anyone you like. And thanks for participating. Randall

  5. Steve Rosen says:

    Hi Randall,

    Just clicked through from LinkedIn. I’ve only read the insurance article so far, but I really enjoyed it – you have a great writing style. I’ll come back for a look at the others!

    Take care,


    • beardrs says:

      Thanks, Steve. Appreciate the feedback. Always good to know that Marketing topics appeal beyond the Marketing community !

  6. Alexey Maslov says:

    Hi Randall,

    I have read a couple of articles and they have inspired me to have a close look at some things related to the definition/value/usage of the brand. Looking forward to learning more! Thanks a lot!


    • beardrs says:

      Hi Alexey — Good to hear from you and thanks for reading the blog. It’s always great to hear that people get something of value out of it. I hope it helps you and your team and look forward to more of your comments in the future.

  7. Ahmed Omar says:

    Hi Randall,

    I recently shared some of your insight on the future of digital marketing and it was very well received. I hope that the company I presented to spends some more time thinking about this changing landscape.

    I would love to give you me detailed feedback on some of your blog posts and share with you some of my own thoughts and opinions about this topic.

    • beardrs says:

      Ahmed– Thanks for reading the blog. Happy to talk anytime. Just contact me thru my e-mail under “contact randall” and we can schedule time to talk. Randall

  8. […] RANDALL BEARD is a leading and award-winning CMO and General Management executive with 25+ years global experience across consumer packaged goods, financial services and high-touch service brands. Full bio:https://randallbeard.wordpress.com/randall-beard-marketing-impact/ […]

  9. Krishna Prakash says:

    Thanks Randall for your posts -they are extremely informative.

    – Prakash

  10. Janna Markle says:

    Excellent piece you wrote for MENG, “Why Marketers Are Still Struggling with Social Media (and What To Do about It)”, and enlightening. I’m signing up for your blog.

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