Mediapost Article: More 2014 Advertising Predictions

January 1, 2014

More 2014 Advertising Predictions: More Top Funnel Programmatic, Mobile Integration, Privacy Power, TV to Video

Here’s yet more 2014 advertising predictions, this time from Eric Bosco, CEO of Choicestream via Mediapost. Trend highlights:

  • More top of funnel programmatic ad buying
  • Increased integration of mobile
  • The rise of data privacy issues and emerging solutions
  • Video neutral planning and buying as TV and Video blur

I agree with all of these and think that the first one is particularly interesting, with much to learn about how creative, media weight, programming and site content impact top and bottom of funnel metrics differently.

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Guest Post: Is a Mobile App in Your Company’s Future?

October 4, 2010

This post is part of a continuing series of guest posts and was originally posted on MENG BLEND. Drew McLellan is founder of McLellan Marketing Group.  


All the indicators and trends suggest that smart phones will be our primary access point to the Internet by 2020.  Even today, you have to go out of your way to buy a mobile phone that does not have Internet access. 

Is a Mobile App in Your Company's Future?


We’ve watched mobile apps leapfrog onto the main stage as the proliferation of smart phones marches on. 

Like it or not, mobile connectivity in all its possible forms is where we’re headed.  Today, there are nearly 2 billion people actively using apps. Within a year or two, these are going to be as common as personalized ring tones or taking pictures with your phone. 

Add to that the fact that “mobile apps” is actually a much wider description than just our phones.  There’s also the iPad, netbooks, television set-top boxes, car electronics and browser-based apps.  Your customers are probably interacting with this technology more often than you might think. 

Which begs the question – does your company need a mobile app? 

Granted, there are plenty of silly ones like the bubble popping game but there are also thousands of practical, business-oriented apps that are yet another way of connecting to customers. 

The Walgreens app lets you refill prescriptions on the go, print photos you just took on your phone and find their closest store when you need some Zanfel for your vacation induced poison ivy! 

Walgreen's Company App


Think mobile apps are only for the big box stores or companies with multi-million dollar budgets?  Think again.  

Small companies are also grabbing hold of the technology… 

A local microbrewery in St. Louis, the Schlafly Tap Room, and Schlafly Beer realized that their customers liked to stop by and grab a growler of beer on their way home.  But they were hesitant to do so because they never knew what was on tap.  Enter the SchlAPP – a free iPhone app that gives patrons detailed descriptions of the available brews, Schlafly’s tweets and Facebook updates, locations and their monthly newsletter. 

New Local Mobile App: Schalfly Beer


And, check out how the Austin’s Avant Salon Spa is using their app.  They show off their award-winning hairstyles, keep their community plugged in to the area’s hottest charity events and their own promotions. 

Remember that we’re in the infancy of the mobile app explosion.  Which means that there’s value in being one of the first in your category to introduce an app.  But like all good marketing decisions, it’s important not to let the tool drive your strategy. 

Perhaps it’s time for a shift in perspective.  Rather than thinking why you wouldn’t ever create an app, you might want to start thinking about why you would. 

If you can make a compelling case for how an app would add value to your customers or prospects, then the opportunity is right now. 


Drew McLellan is Top Dog at McLellan Marketing Group and the author of AdAge’s Top 150 blog, Drew’s Marketing Minute. Wall Street Journal called it “one of the ten blogs all entrepreneurs should read.” Drew wrote 99.3 Random Acts of Marketing and is co-creator/editor of the ground-breaking Age of Conversation book series. He is also a Marketing Profs Daily Fix blogger and can be followed at @drewmclellan on Twitter. 

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